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What we do

We work with associations, franchises and industry groups to deliver value in telco products and services.

We believe in small business, you deserve great value and great service too!

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SoMo, your business partner

Big business is great at dealing with big business. But it’s about time someone stood up for small businesses in New Zealand, and at SoMo that’s what we do.

We set up SoMo because we believe in small business. It is the backbone of our country. And small businesses deserve great value and great service too.

We’ve put together some great Telco and IT solutions, and we’ve tailored these specifically to small business. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do for you…

Meet the Team

Our awesome team of kiwi’s, going out of their way to deliver reliable, friendly support to small businesses in New Zealand.

Shaun Telford

Managing Director

Brent McFaul

Sales Manager

Jake Lane

Business Development Manager

Luke Harris

Business Development Manager

Marisa Thomson

Project Manager

Michelle Parker

Technology & Operations

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Contact us to find out more

E: info@somo.co.nz   |   PH: 0800 707 373